About Company

CJSC KOREKS was set up in September 1990.

Design and manufacturing of car and motorcycle cable assemblies are CJSC KOREKS's main business activities.

CJSC KOREKS develops jointly with the MAZ Plant and supplies on a mass scale wiring harnesses that meet European standards. In the harness manufacturing process we use the Frankische and Shlemmer corrugated tubes and manifolds, as well as contacts and connectors by Schlemmer and Tyco/Electronics (AMP), heat shrink tubes.

Using modern marking equipment allow us to mark any wires that meet European standards. High performance system of wire treat by Kodera and Komax provide high accuracy and quality of manufactured wiring harnesses. Mecal presses with their various miniapplicator allow quickly and   in a quality manner install various connectors.

Long-standing experience in manufacture wiring harnesses, highly skilled workers, constant and long-term relations with suppliers of components, our high-performance equipment allow CJSC KOREKS" us to design and manufacture wiring harnesses for cars  and other vehicles ,agricultural machinery and tool machines.

Wiring harnesses manufactured by the CJSC KOREKS may be successfully applied in other industries as well.

We are open for any mutually beneficial cooperation.